Holidays in Lefokastro Pelion

Lefokastro is a picturesque coastal hamlet which is located along the Pagasitic Gulf, and is just 6 km from Argalasti and 34 km from Volos. It was built near the sea, but it has rich vegetation, mainly olive and fruit trees, that create a tranquil and cool atmosphere. It is an ideal destination for quiet and peaceful vacations, away from the noise and the fast way of city life.

Holidays in Lefokastro Pelion

A little further out the village, are the ruins of a medieval castle, and if you take a stroll around the village, you will see the nine churches of the village, the small arched bridge that dates back to 1891 and the marbled fountain with the two hand palms and the two engravings - one in Turkish and the other with the two headed eagle in Greek writing.

There are traces and findings that indicate that in the ancient years on the location where Lefokastro stands today was a large and thriving city that played an important role in the history of the Pelion penisula.

The road that continues from Lefokastro is a wonderful route that passes through olive groves, small and secluded beaches and ends up at the cosmopolitan Afissos. This journey between the two villages offers the opportunity to experience the true natural beauty and charm of Pelion.

For those who are staying in Lefokastro, one more suggestion for a lovely excursion is the drive to the mountainous village of Neohori, where you can visit the church of Agios Dimitrios that is dated from 1760 and is decorated with frescoes by Ioannis Pagonis.

Lefokastro is well organized for tourism and offers all the amenities for accommodation and entertainment. It has easy access with villages and sites in Pelion, and you can organize various activities such as horse riding, visits to other villages, trekking and many others that will fill you with enjoyment and adventure during your holidays.

Vacations in Lefokastro Pelion

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